Friday, 20 December 2013

Project Management

Clients often ask us what the difference is between project management and contact administration/ onsite inspections, which are both offered when a project is due to go on site.

Project management is offered by our small approachable team of project managers who are usually managing 2 or 3 jobs on site and who offer a full service running the project from beginning to end. There is an additional fee for project management and we find it is usually a service used by our clients who are undertaking larger works, who are particularly busy (for example those who work abroad) or those who don't feel that they can accomplish their vision on their own. The project managers have links with local suppliers and can therefore assist with sourcing kitchens, bathroom fittings, flooring, tiling and any finishes not included in the contract. Equally they become the eyes and ears of the work going on and continually report back to the client regarding progress and on-site co-ordination.

The Architect's role of contract administration and onsite inspections occurs on every project we do. We ensure a fair and impartial contract is in place between the client and the contractor and monitor this throughout the project. The contract will always be weighted to protect the client and weekly inspections by the Architect ensure that the client is only paying for work that has been completed to the expected standard. We see this service as essential and we will only ever tender to contractors who have been vetted and that we trust.

Our aim is always that when on site a project will run smoothly and be as hassle-free for the client. Use of project management is entirely a client's decision and depends on their circumstances and the size of the job.

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