Friday, 12 April 2013

On Site This Week...

Currently we have lots of projects on site, all at various stages.

In Teddington we are doing rear extensions on two neighbouring properties. These were submitted as a joint planning application meaning that they must both be built together, but that they are also considered together when the decision is made.

Here are some images from the first property:

View of the rear looking into the kitchen (being fitted this week).

New side return which adjoins the neighbour's new extension.

Here are photos of the neighbouring property:
External shot of the new extension with the adjoining neighbour's extension on the right

Internal shot showing the new kitchen
Finally here are some photos of a project we have on site in Osterley.
This shows the rear of the house and the two storey rear extension under constuction.

Inside the new rear extension.
We will update the blog later to show a some of the projects we have recently submitted for planning.

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