Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BIMx (not BMX)

We have started using BIMx in the office.

(If you want to read more about BIM see our post from a few days ago...)

This is not a type of bicycle (although Simon would like this); it is an app that is used in conjunction with the existing modelling software we use. It means that we can now give clients a model of their proposal for them to view on computer, iPad or even and iPhone. The software allows you to actually walk through the building as though it's real.

We have been using 3D modelling for a long time, however we usually present clients with static views of their proposal, as they do not have the software capabilities that we have. A simple download from the app store changes this. The model that is being viewed, however, cannot be edited.
Here is a photo of Aidan 'walking' through one of our projects (you might recognise this project from an earlier post).

It is yet to be built, but well and truly exists in the digital world:

We are yet to appreciate the true potential of this software (partly as on the iphone it still runs fairly slow) but think that it is a very interesting way to present to clients.
The main drawback we can see at the moment is that the iPhone/ iPad does not deal very well with models that have a high level of detail.
That, and that our software trial period runs out in 30 days....

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