Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Extending Old Buildings

We have just submitted this large rear extension and basement in Barnes for planning.We are putting a fairly modern extension on the back of a very historic house.

Here is a photo of the front...

Recently we have been discussing in the office how we should treat historic buildings and in what 'style' we should build when adding to them. This particular house has a very rich history and ornate features which contribute to the street scene as well as the interesting and decorative interior.
However we have effectively drawn a line at the rear of the house and the intention is that any work done from here onwards is of contemporary styling. This suits the large open interior space that the clients want to achieve in the new extension.
This is an interesting discussion that arises quite often when extending a property. We have successfully built extensions to historic property that are sympathetic with the exiting house, and also those that are intentionally contrasting. The problem arises when you are somewhere inbetween.

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